Use these steps to modify (Void, Delete, Discount, Note, etc.) items from an invoice.

  1. Open an invoice by clicking Pay, Add Charges, or Refund.
  2. Next to the item you wish to modify, click the Pencil [] symbol (If there is no Pencil [] your invoice may be locked; see below) which will display several options. Like this:
    • Delete Item: This will remove it entirely from the invoice as if it were never there. 
    • Void Item: Voiding an item will add a new invoice line item but with a negative (-) charge. This will keep the original item on the invoice and is great for indicating that a charge was previously present but now is being reversed. If you wish to void an entire invoice, follow these steps.
    • Add Note: Add a note that will display on the invoice. 
    • Discount Item: Can discount an item by Percent, Quantity, or dollar amount (Cash)
      • If you need to remove an existing discount, you would select the Amount of '0' and Unit 'Cash'
    • Override Price: Can override the price of an item.
    • Change Quantity: Change the quantity of an invoice line item.
    • Override Tax and Account: Override tax and account of of an invoice line item.
  3. When done editing the invoice, click Save to Account.

Providing a Discount on a Locked Invoice

Click here for more information on Managing Invoices with a Lock Date

When an invoice is inside a locked period, it cannot be edited or discounted. However, you can create a credit note to discount invoices that are within a locked period. Here is a video and the steps to match. 


  1. Open the invoice that needs to be discounted or zero'ed out.
  2. Press Credit / Return.
  3. Touch the checkboxes and edit the quantities or unit prices to match the amount you need.
  4. Adjust the Return to Inventory checkboxes as necessary. In the case of a Discount, do not return items to inventory.
  5. Touch the link to return to the Original Invoice.
  6. Touch Allocate Credit to use the credit note to reduce the invoice size.