Moving Vessels from the Slips Page

  1. Go to Menu --> Slips.
  2. Click the Down Arrow inside a reservation box.
  3. Click Move Vessel.
  4. Select from the Available Slips.
  5. Select Confirm when done.

Moving Vessels from the Reservation Preview

  1. Go to Menu --> Reservations.
  2. Search by Contact, Vessel, or Slip Name.
  3. Click the reservation you want to move.
  4. Click Move Vessel.
  5. Select from the Available Slips.
  6. Select Confirm when done.


If a space does not appear when trying to move a vessel, it could be that the space is occupied for some portion of the reservation. It could also mean the dimensions of the space restrict it from being available. Check this tip sheet for more info on editing spaces.