These steps are how to setup a new slip or storage contract without the customer signing the contract online. It assumes you either have a signed contract already for the slip/storage or will have the customer sign the contract in person.

  1. In Molo click + New --> Reservation.
  2. Search for and click on a contact. Confirm by pressing Select Contact.
  3. Confirm the vessel for which you're reserving space.
  4. Choose Transient / Time-Based or Seasonal / Flat Rate reservation method.
  5. Select your Rate and Dates.
  6. Choose the space and click Next. The space you choose isn't revealed to the customer so you can pick any space now just to hold space.
  7. On the Overview and Payment page, click Store Payment Method.
  8. Store the customer card. For details on storing cards, view this help article.
  9. When done storing the card, navigate to Menu --> Reservations.
  10. If you already have a signed contract skip to step 12. Find the reservation and click Print --> Full Reservation Summary and Terms. Have the customer sign the contract.
  11. Scan the contract and then upload it to the Files tab.
  12. Go to the Billing tab and pay the first invoice or press Take Deposit or Take Payment on Account.
  13. When on the Payment page, press Credit Card and you will be prompted to use the credit card on file.