There are a few scenarios in which you will want to issue a credit note and this guide will outline the steps of how to accomplish that.

Example Reasons for Issuing a Credit Note

  1. A customer paid an invoice with dockage and utilities for 5 nights but had a bad experience. You want to give them credit for use in a future reservation.
  2. An invoice is partially or fully paid but you want to reduce the total balance.
  3. A customer paid for an item but you want to return that item and provide a refund. For this scenario, please refer to our guide on providing credit notes and issuing refunds: How To Issue a Credit Note and Provide a Refund (Not Same-Day Refunds)

Issue a Credit Note

  1. Navigate to Contact >> Account >> Invoices, then click "View" next to the desired invoice.
  2. Open the invoice POS screen by selecting, any of the blue buttons labeled "Pay", "Add Charges, or "Refund".
  3. Press the Credit/Return button at the far bottom left.
  4. In the Credit/Return pop-up, check the Box or Boxes next to items you wish to refund. You can manually override the Quantity and Unit Price for each item. Press Credit/Return when done.
  5. It may not obviously apparent but the new Credit Note that you just created is now displayed in the screen. You can verify this by checking the "Description" field in the center lower part of the screen says Credit Note.

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